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MIPCOM 2013 highlight

MIPCOM 2013 highlight

The banner for mipcom 2013 was "the new golden age of television".

Euronews billed the show as "the capital of prod!"


MIPCOM has become the showpiece for a restless, limitless multi-platform universe, innovating way beyond the boundaries of Film, TV and Windows.

Everyone is a potential partner, cross-fertilization, multi-access and on-demand are the names of the game.





MIPCOM 2013 Broke all the records. There were more than 13500 delegates including 4600 international acquisitions execs, over 1000 of them buying for digital platforms


Dan Rose, VP-Partnerships, Facebook USA,  had a message: "The second screen, instead of driving people from TV, is pushing them towards TV", he explained as he announced new partnerships with TF1, Canal Plus and many other players in the established TV business.

Frances Berwick, President, Bravo and Oxygen Media, USA, backed him all the way, saying "Viewers have become marketers".

In fact, viewers  "are changing the way TV is consumed - to get what they want, when they want it, how they want it and at what they want to pay for it!" explained Ryan Kavernaugh, Founder and CEO, Relativity media, USA.


Peter Blacker, from Telemundo Media made a pertinent, but completely overlooked observation, identifying another direction for development : "Piracy is a fancy name for super-obsessed fans. We don't have an industry without people."


Louisa Heinrich, founder of Superhuman Ltd, had a similar take on piracy: "What people do illegally is a very useful indicator of what people want".


Like last year, content had pride of place, dominated by the global public's devouring passion for story-telling, whether in the form of News or of Series. There are "Golden opportunities in Global news" declared, whilst Anaëlle Grondin, reporting  for 20,  headlined "TV series and their stars take the limelight in Cannes".


On the very first day, it was Andy Mcdowell, a true star of Hollywood and as beautiful as ever, who flew in to promote her new project, Cedar Grove. She was closely followed by Dean Norris (Under the Dome), Clémence Poésy (Tunnel) and many more Hollywood stars looking to take the small screen(s) by storm.


Jerry Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation CEO and Director, was MIPCOM  Personality of the Year.


Jerry Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation CEO and Director, was MIPCOM  Personality of the Year.

Pascal Lechevalier for judged that his Keynote session was of a "rare density".

He put things into perspective: "Each new technology provides a new role for that which preceded it... it does not replace it".

For Katzenberg,  "The digital revolution results in new channels of distribution...provoking an increased demand for content".

The theme of his address was  'The Perfection Paradigm' - "Each new media contributes an additional layer towards perfection".


A less intellectual stand was taken by Traci Paige Johnson, co-founder of yummico, a specialist in programming for kids: "With so much creativity around...the bar has been raised. To get noticed you absolutely have to be here (at MIPCOM) - funny means money!"


Louisa Heinrich fired off more thought-provoking one-liners in a MIPCOM Wrap-up session:

"I'd like to see a 7-minute super-compacted version of a 23-minute show, to drive mobile traffic"

and a plea that summed up many leaders' vision for the future:

 "The question should be how can we use these new possibilities, not how can we do the same thing we've always done through this new pipe?".


Food for thought, indeed!!


Get ready now to discuss these and other challenging issues at MIPCOM 2014, planned for 13-16 Oct; Mexico is the Country of Honor and all the deciders, established and aspiring, will be there.



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