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Your team of experts

Bruno Draillard

Founder, owner and general manager

Born in : 1961

Join the company in : 1997

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Bruno created the company.

Starting with a very simple idea, he has built an experienced team, largely consisting of women – not for nothing is Cannes Accommodation team known in the town as “Bruno’s angels”…

Creative,  providing sound advice and counsel,  being an expert on legal matters, Bruno takes great pleasure in passing his knowledge on to others. Determined, honest and forthright, he follows issues right through to their conclusion. Real manager & a glutton for work, he is reputed for his balanced and methodical approach. Still a young guy at heart, he has always retained his simplicity and is a profound lover of nature. A native of Cannes, he is inexhaustible on the subject of ‘his’ city,'s Provencal origins and its tradition of extending a generous welcome to visitors.


Executive - Head of Commercial Dept.

Born in : 1958

Join the company in : 2002

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Experienced, reliable and always ready to help, Sophie loves life.

She has an enormous appetite for work, allied to an excellent sense of contact. Today, she heads up the company’s Commercial Dept. Sophie loves people.

Always eager to learn, open and with an ever-present smile, her spontaneity is infectious. A lover of many of the good things in life – music, wine, travel and reading – her culture and sensibility can be glimpsed behind her simple, open exterior.

Determined, organized and loyal, she loves sharing and passing on her wide experience.


Head of Operations and Owner Relations Dept.

Born in : 1976

Join the company in : 1999

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Laurie is the company’s longest-serving member.

Loyal, dynamic, dependable and very organized, she has amassed an enormous amount of on-the-job experience during her years with the company. Today, she is responsible for relations with owners and for everything that concerns organization of the preparation of accommodation and the reception of clients during convention periods.

Laurie has a feeling for detail and she knows what she wants. Always smiling and eager to extend her knowledge, simple and straightforward, her laughter is infectious.

She has a special feeling for decoration, loves good food, and is talkative and very feminine.

In the office, she loves working in a team; in her private life, she adores travel, the cinema and nature.


Secretary to Senior management

Born in : 1964

Join the company in : 2002

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

German by birth, Monika has all the characteristics of seriousness, rigor and reliability one associates with her compatriots, leavened with her own brand of kindness and warmth.

Tall, elegant and well-groomed, boasting a wealth of experience as assistant to senior management, she is always attentive to the demands of a situation. Monika has an open, calm nature with a ready smile. She is capable of being considerate, deadpan or kind according to the circumstances. Devoted and polyvalent in her professional life; for pleasure she adores traveling in Asia.


Owner relations and Operations Dept

Born in : 1976

Join the company in : 2008

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Stephanie is a veritable busy bee – one of the workers in fact! Active, hard-working, motivated and reliable, she is a lady with a taste for the practical side.

Organized and willing, she assists Laurie on owner relations, preparations for conventions and client reception. Stephanie is amusing, with a love of life and she loves traveling with her family. Straightforward, open and humane, Stephanie, with her scooter, her patience and her good humor, is an adept of getting things to work. She loves a new challenge. She can be surprising, pro-active, calm and devoted, always natural & smiling.



Born in : 1974

Join the company in : 2003

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

So kind and thoughtful with people ... but  ... stains and dusty corners beware!

Frédérique is utterly without pity with them. She relentlessly hunts down the little details and her passion for order and cleanliness makes this devoted mother an irreproachable housekeeper. Her role is to inspect the apartments. Woe betide any that are not in a perfect state! Stylish and feminine,  Frédérique is always in a good mood.


Client reception and accommodation inspection

Born in : 1966

Join the company in : 2005

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Warm, sparkling and feminine, Sandrine has an enormous capacity for work.

She is keen on sport, willing, loyal, serious & organized. Seldom without a smile on her face, she attacks everything with dynamism and motivation. Sandrine has responsibility for inspecting apartments prior to arrival of the clients, for meeting them when they first arrive in Cannes and for ensuring their apartment is up to their expectations.

She combines a positive attitude with an excellent sense of contact. In private life, Sandrine sometimes uses her gift for magnetic healing for the benefit of friends and colleagues. Defying gravity on her high heels, or perched jauntily on her scooter, she has clearly preserved more than a hint of her Italian origins – a touch of playfulness and spontaneity that goes hand in hand with her simplicity.


Reception Hostess

Born in : 1963

Join the company in : 2006

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Confident, punctual and willing, Valerie has an excellent sense of contact.

She is tall and blonde, loves laughter and likes to enjoy life, none of which gets in the way of her dynamic approach to her job. She is one of the company’s Reception Hostesses. She loves a good chat and is reputed to be a bit of a dreamer, but above all, she is simple, open, upright and good-natured.

Relaxed, but motivated and polyvalent, Valerie is a valued member of the team.


The handyman who can turn his hand to anything

Born in : 1944

Join the company in : 2006

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Our ladies call him MacGyver!

Jean-Paul is more than the Technician – he is our jack-of-all-trades, who can turn his hand to anything (almost!). He divides his time between his favorite mistress (his bike) and his relentless tracking down of repairs that need doing. When he isn’t fixing a problem for a client, he regales the ladies in the office with his endlessly-renewed stock of jokes.

Jean-Paul may be the oldest member of our staff, but he is also the most active on the sports front. This Mister-fix-it, handyman, champion moaner and sympathetic with it, is never without his bike – in the city or in his spare time!


Reception steward and linen dispatch

Born in : 1975

Join the company in : 2012

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Discreet, reserved and reliable, this qualified English teacher assists Remi with linen deliveries and welcomes arriving clients.

Christophe is a nice guy and has quickly settled down amongst our predominantly female staff.


Responsibilities for apartment inspection

Born in : 1964

Join the company in : 2012

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Elegant and keen on sport, Elisabeth is responsible for inspecting the apartments.

Blessed with a gentle and discreet nature, she is keen to do a good job and is always willing and smiling. She is used to working out in the field and well-accustomed to conventions in Cannes.


Internal database developper

Born in : 1962

Join the company in : 2003

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Every week since 2003, Christophe has been patiently working on the development of the Cannes Accommodation internal suite of programs.

At the same time he ensures the maintenance of its large database. He has lots of patience with the Gremlins, as he calls the girls in the office. Elegant, serious and with a pleasant disposition, he is always ready to give the Gremlins a helping hand.

A hard-working and fully-integrated member of the team, easy  to get on with and appreciated by all.


Assistant Operation Department

Born in : 1963

Join the company in : 2004

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

If you call us at congress time, you are sure to recognize the chirpy "Cannes Accommodation, Bonjour !!!" of this tiny bundle of enthusiasm, always smiling and never still.

Polyglot, organized and versatile, no-one handles in-coming calls faster than Diane. She is Flemish and proud of it. A sailor in her spare time, she is afraid of nothing, bursting with energy and always in a good mood.

Diane is a loyal and reliable assistant, a sportswoman and an excellent cook.


Owner relations and operations department

Born in : 1991

Join the company in : 2013

Seen through the eyes of his/her colleagues :

Helpful and dynamic, Florian is a fellow comrade, thoughtful and appreciated by the ladies.

This boy likes art and design.

Reactive and motivated, he is always cheerful and eager to learn and improve his skills.


Assistant to the commercial team

Born in : 1979

Join the company in : 2017


Assistant, operations dept

Born in : 1977

Join the company in : 2017