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MIPIM 2015 highlights

MIPIM 2015 highlights


MIPIM 2015 awardsThe 26th MIPIM opened in Cannes March 10, for 4 glorious pre-Spring days.



"World's leading property market"

            - 21000 active players

            - 250 conference sessions

            - 19000 sq m for country and city exhibitors

            - 1500 investors, 1100 developers, 660 architects, decision-makers...

"More serene, more enthusiastic than 2014," commented MIPIM Director, Filippo Rean.



Almost 100 countries represented.

Among them:


Paul Zik, from REED MIDEM said "CANADA was no.1 for delegate count and territorial spread;

RUSSIA, "a little in reserve this year" said M Rean, but nevertheless fielding a high-   level ministerial team, pushing large infrastructure projects;

TURKEY was visible everywhere - "16th largest world economy; Istanbul has been      epicenter for world trade for 1600 years, and it still is! At cross-roads of Europe, Asia and Africa", said Firat Kasapoglu, President of YEKON, the Turkish creative industries council.

BERLIN one of Germany's 'big 6', with "best stand overlooking the Bay and endless green chartreuse cocktails" recommended a blogger.

Andreas Geisel, newly-appointed senator for urban development and environment, pushed the city's Olympics bid & redevelopment of the Tegel airport site.

Carlo Calenda, ITALY's Deputy Economic Development Minister, showcased an impressive array of projects, promising "to unlock Italy...Italian real estate back to   essentials... opening   up to globalization".

MIDDLE EAST:  Joe Stather, CBRE Hotels Intelligence Manager, described the 2014 increase in UAE hotel investment of 222% as "astonishing, seen nowhere else   worldwide".



'Digital' - a market buzz-word this year


 Recognized as "an enabling tool improving the way business is done" by one commentator in daily news mag 'MIPIM News', it was featured in a major show, "Disruptors at the Door", inspired by Dragon's Den, the UK entrepreneurial TV series.

 5mins each for 8 aspiring "Net economy players" seeking awareness and investment from 1000 real estate players packed into the Grand Auditorium.

Winner: CEO Ross Bailey's "Appear Here", making "renting commercial property as easy as booking a hotel room".
"A game-changer for the high street" said the Guardian and one of 'Wired' magazine's '100 hottest start-ups.'


"Greening up the City" - another buzz

Subject of a panel discussion from which a MIPIM World curator, Casey Fashouer, noted the emerging trend in urban agriculture:

            Paris - 100 acres of green roofs described by Deputy Mayor J-L Missika;

            100 m high residential tower in Milan with 1000 tree/plant species; ...

            Reducing temperature rise around cities, improving tenant and employee  retention and improving urban livability.


An excellent example is Tower One, featured in Sydney edge-of-city mixed-use regeneration scheme, Central Park. Winner of a MIPIM AWARD for 'Best Innovative Green Building'.

It features a 1100 sq m vertical garden & the world's largest Membrane Reactor. "A symbol of  green development approach" said Lisa McCutchion, Australia Marketing Director for developer Frasers Property.


Crowd Sourcing,  It is penetrating real estate.

Two examples:

"We are Pop-Up", one of Europe's leading online property shops, has launched "Shop Share", world's first crowd-funded retail agency - "It puts retail property letting in the everyone's hands...", explains Nicholas Russell, Pop-Up CEO. "... bringing endless opportunities for opening a retail shop or listing an empty unit or part-unit worldwide - you can rent a rail,  wall , kiosk or whole premises. Another game-changer!


Fundrise, launched by Daniel Miller, opens up individual investment in real estate for as little as $ 100. A $30m mixed-use development in Notting Hill, London will be available end-2015 and Berlin is coming next year.


Smart Cities, Open Data & Big Data

The latter is currently on everyone's lips. Big Brother menace for some, mass information collection to improve/optimize environment, transport, planning... for others.

A 'smart city' exploits Open Data, a full exchange between Public Authorities, private companies, planners, innovators... and, maybe, private citizens. Provocative because of confidentiality/privacy aspects, but "ineluctable" for Emmanuel Cugny, writing in 'Le Décryptage Eco' (decoding economic jargon). See the Net on these topics in relation to Paris, Lyon, New York, Cisco Consultants ....


Looking in his crystal ball

CBRE Global Chief Economist, Richard Barkham:

            - sees next global downturn for 2018

            - asks where is G20 planning to avoid bubbles

            - still finds take-off space for projects through 2017


No celebrities, except for Miss France promoting Calais - a big hit for Camille Cerf, "in pearl grey and black bootees, radiant and natural" - a fairly sexist Paris Match appraisal!



No room here for the renowned MIPIM AWARDS. 11 categories, no overall winner. Do too many categories spoil the excitement?





Blogger Julian Gitsham from HASSELL remarked:
"MIPIM, full of important adults bunking in shared bedrooms and fold-aways".

Don't be one of them in 2016.



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