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Home staging in the purpose of renting

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The most effective way to present your property so as to appeal to the largest number of clients

Naturally, your apartment has a sentimental value for you, but that can sometimes be an obstacle to finding a tenant. In fact, you should remove your personal imprint from the apartment, making it as neutral as possible, in order to appeal to the widest of audiences. You must always bear in mind that most of the time our clients are business men/women on a professional visit. They contact us because they have not found a hotel room. By renting an apartment, they are looking to find a product similar to a room in a hotel.

Cannes Accommodations Home staging in the purpose of renting

The aim in making the necessary changes to your apartment is to achieve the best result for minimum investment. You must focus attention on the apartment’s most important features, thus optimizing its image and obtaining higher rentals and a more regular letting program. The advantage of this approach is that the product moves more quickly.


The key words for the presentation of your apartment are: space, light, cleanliness, improvements & tidiness. In order to put the whole “relooking” into effect, we advise you to follow the rule of the”6 RE’s”: RE-ARRANGE, RE-VITALIZE, RE-PAIR, RE-DECORATE, RE-ORGANISE, RE-INVENT. This rule works for every room in your property.

1. Rearrange

This involves creating & freeing up space, taking a refined minimalist approach, even inside the cupboards. Movement around the room must be fluid, without the need to step round furniture.

Cannes Accommodations Home staging in the purpose of renting

2. Revitalize

Living in our apartments, it is inevitable that we no longer notice certain details that will immediately catch the eye of an outsider. We have to put ourselves in the clients’ shoes: they come into your home exactly as if they were visiting a hotel. And if we are honest, we must admit we look around with a critical eye when we stay in a hotel room, because we have chosen that establishment in particular and we are paying for a level of service.


So, we must give a new life to everything : scrub and scour from top to bottom (skirting boards, under and behind the furniture, inside and outside of the cupboards, lampshades and ceiling lights, doorknobs and doors, light switches, the tops of cupboards and wardrobes, radiators – not forgetting to clean behind them, windows including the frames, eliminate cobwebs, traces of grease…). And in all this, do not forget the landing.


It is the same for smells: even if we are no longer aware of them in our home, for an outsider, they can be the reason for refusing the apartment. For example, if you smoke, if you have a pet, if you cook, it is vital to be vigilant. And remember, it is not a case of masking the smells, but of eliminating them (wash fabrics, air the room, etc).


Cleanliness and the lack of odors reduce the margin for negotiation.

3. Repair

All the equipment in your apartment must be in perfect working order.


No dripping taps, overflowing cisterns, squeaky hinges, curtains that unhook…

4. Redecorate

Do not hesitate to repaint or change the wallpaper. It is a case of creating a neutral ambiance using light and natural colors.  Off-white tones, beige or grey, for example. These are elegant shades that bring in light and do not go out of fashion. And do not forget to give the same attention to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Cannes Accommodations Home staging in the purpose of renting

5. Reorganise

Placing of the furniture is important as a means of enhancing space and ensuring unrestricted movement. Do not hesitate to change the position of furniture to let more light into the room, or even to remove pieces if they serve no useful purpose.


The object is to make the room lighter in both senses of the word and to ensure that movement can be smooth and unobstructed. The same goes for ornaments and accessories – avoid accumulation, retaining just a few pieces in the color tones of your room and arranging them in odd-number groups to achieve the best visual balance.

6. Reinvent

Allow light to enter: give preference to neutral walls, lightweight net curtains and the interplay of mirrors; brighten the room with the use of light colors, position several sources of artificial light of low intensity…


Reinventing means working on the details as well: bedspreads, knobs, curtains, cushions… Favor plain fabrics, making use of different materials to avoid monotony. A color can be introduced, but only in little touches here and there.


No room should be neglected :

  • The hall must be unencumbered, warm and welcoming.
  • The living room, true to its name, is the centre of life in the apartment, a place for relaxing and for getting together for business or pleasure. It therefore needs to be free from any particular personal imprint, with a minimum of furniture, so that the impression of space is enhanced, and the overall effect given a lift by introducing a few decorative elements judiciously arranged.
  • The kitchen must be impeccable.
  • The bathroom is a place of comfort and relaxation. Presentation and cleanliness are of overriding importance. For the ladies, excellent lighting is essential for the make-up session.
  • The bedroom is a haven of peace and must be serene and comfortable (play with textures and choose soothing colors). The wardrobe/ closet must be organized and tidy.
  • The annexes (storerooms, wine cellar, etc) should be organized in astute and practical ways.
  • The balcony/terrace, like all the other areas, must be unencumbered, clean and tidy. Furniture must be in good condition. These areas must be set off to their best advantage, especially as we are on the French Riviera and can make the most of them virtually all the year round.
Cannes Accommodations Home staging in the purpose of renting

A few other tips

  • Use plain fabric covers on old chairs
  • Warm up a room with a rug
  • Track down the little details that ruin everything (a furred up tap, a ‘tired’ shower curtain…)
  • Repaint/replace doors and cupboard doors, change the flooring…
  • Use a curtain to conceal a storage space
  • Do not hesitate to stand back and  take a critical look at the results of your work, room by room

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